Final Reflection

Throughout the semester I have enjoyed recording my thoughts and ideas in my blog. The articles and Faculty Focus blog entries have given me different perspectives on teaching. Although I don’t have any experience yet as a teacher, I feel that these ideas will help me to grow and evolve my own teaching style.

Taking the Jung Personality test, the TPI test and the learning styles test were all interesting and gave me an idea of how I can use these to build my teaching philosophy as well as what I could improve to make myself a better teacher. Creating my teaching philosophy allowed me to think about what it means to be a successful teacher and how I want to incorporate information literacy into students learning. It also allowed me to incorporate what I have learned this semester into strategies I can use for teaching.

The activities from this class have also made me consider wanting to be an online instructor. I enjoyed creating the online instruction sessions and found the articles concerning online instruction to be interesting. There is still a lot of research that can be done on online instruction, this is something I will both pursue and keep track of throughout my academic career. Universal Design of Instruction was a new topic for me. It is a theme that is very important in both face to face instruction and online instruction and will be a topic that shapes how I create and present my lessons to students.

Completing this course also gave me the confidence to develop my teaching skills. I have no prior teaching experience and creating this blog and the online instruction session by both myself and with my group have added to my confidence. The articles I have read throughout this class have also given me direction in how to shape my classes and have taught me that it is important to stay informed in the developments of teaching and to continue growing as an instructor.

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