Teaching Perspectives Inventory

My TPI profile showed that my two dominant perspectives are apprenticeship and nurturing, with nurturing being my category with the highest score. My two back-up perspectives are developmental and transmission with social reform being the lowest.

Looking at the descriptions of the five different perspectives, I agree with what the test thought my more dominant perspectives would be. I see myself as a nurturer because I do think that students should be given reasonable goals and not lose self-esteem while learning (Pratt & Collins, 2014). I would have guessed that transmission would have been my next dominant but after reading the description for apprenticeship I agree with the test. As a teacher, I feel I should be an expert at what I’m teaching and my role should change as students become more competent and need less direction and more responsibility (Pratt & Collins, 2014).

I also agree with developmental and transmission being my back-up perspectives and social reform being the least present (Pratt & Collins, 2014). I see myself as being commitment to the subject matter that I am teaching and providing clear goals and objectives helps students better understand what they are going to learn and get out of a course (Pratt & Collins, 2014). I think the developmental perspective is an important side to teaching as well, bridging gaps through examples helps students grasp a concept better and building cognitive thinking will help them throughout their academic career (Pratt & Collins, 2014). I don’t see myself as teaching with a social reform perspective. Although this style can be effect, it doesn’t fit with my personality and find the other four to be much more my style.

Having an idea of what kind of teaching perspective I have will help me to enhance my teaching and build upon my strengths and positives. It can also help me to learn to try other perspectives if one is not helping a particular student and knowing what perspective I will probably naturally go to can help me grow as a teacher. I do see a correlation between my TPI profile and personality type. People with an ISTJ personality like to create and keep order as well as being calm and practical (16Personalities). I think this fits in with the apprenticeship perspective because these type of teachers allow the student to work on their and now when they role changes or when to allow the student more responsibility. ISTJ also relates to the transmission perspectives, as an ISTJ I like everything to be clearly defined and laid out and I think this relates to making the goals of a class clear. It is very interesting to compare both the TPI profile and the personality type. Looking at both of these can help me to better understand my teaching style and how I can improve myself as a teacher.

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Pratt, D., & Collins, J. (2014). Teaching Perspectives Inventory. Retrieved from http://www.teachingperspectives.com/tpi/


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