Mid-Semester Reflection

After reviewing my blog posts and discussion board posts, I’ve found that the theme throughout my posts is online classes. I’ve taken online courses throughout my undergraduate degree and decided to pursue my MLIS at Wayne State because I could take online classes. I prefer online classes to face to face classes because I am able to set my own pace and can complete my work when I have time.

One of my previous posts discussed why some students may not be as successful with online classes compared to face to face classes. I found it interesting how someone’s learning style can affect whether they complete a course or not and including both visual and verbal elements in an online course is important in aiding in the success of students. The author of the post stated that there was little research in what can affect a student’s success with online course; this would be an area that I would like to do more research in and is a topic I will keep in mind throughout the rest of this semester as well as through my degree.

Another post from earlier this semester looked at my personality through the Jung Typology test; this test suggested I have an ISTJ personality. I agree with the outcome of the test and found that I fit almost of the descriptions of the test. One of the characteristics of someone with an ISTJ personality is that they are introverted (16Personalities). I think this is one reason why I do well in online classes and prefer these to face to face courses. I participate far more in online courses compared to face to face classes I’ve taken and take a larger role in group projects and activities. I think this is because posting to a blog or discussion board allows for me to think out what I’m going to say and this gives me more confidence to speak up.

After looking at various blog posts and articles, I think I would enjoy teaching an online course. Before taking this class, I had interest in becoming a professor but had never given thought to instructing online classes. Enjoying taking online classes and having taken a lot myself, I think I would like being an online instructor. With more universities offering courses online and students becoming more interested in online classes, I think there will be a lot of opportunities for research and for professors to teach online. I will continue to follow articles and blog posts about online courses and teaching and believe this will be a continuing topic throughout my education at WSU.

16Personalities. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.16personalities.com/istj-personality


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