Learning Styles & Personality Type Profile

After taking a learning style quiz, I found that I am a moderately reflective and verbal learner and am balanced between sequential and global, and intuitive and sensing. I agree that I am reflective learner because I do need to take time to think about what I have learned and I do prefer to work alone (Fielder & Soloman). I also believe I am a more verbal learner and need to hear information but I do learn best with both visual and verbal elements (Fielder & Soloman). I was surprised by the results that I am balanced between sequential and global. I disagree with that because I feel I am more of a sequential learner because I like things to be laid out logically and in linear steps (Fielder & Soloman). Global learners can absorb information without making connection and learn and jumps and this does not describe my learning style at all (Fielder & Soloman). I do agree that I am balanced between sensing and intuitive learners. I can relate to both sides because I do like learning facts and solving problems, like sensing learners, and also feel I am good at grasping new concepts and innovative ideas and do not like memorization (Fielder & Soloman).

The personality quiz revealed that I have an ISTJ personality. This stands for introvert sensing thinking and judging (Butt). ISTJ’s are sometimes referred to as inspectors because of their sense of dependability, responsibility, and loyalty (Butt). These personality types can come across as cold because of lack of showing emotion (16Personalities, 2014). They also prefer facts and analyze their surroundings as well as do best with a linear and logical approach (16Personalities, 2014). ISTJ’s can also be very stubborn and may blame themselves for things that are not their faults (16Personalities, 2014). I agree with the results and find that almost everything that is stated correct. I was a little surprised that I may come across as cold to some but I do understand why, I rarely share my emotions. I also found that reading through the descriptions may help me to understand myself better as well as some areas I could possibly work on.

I do see some connections between my learning style and personality. I think being introverted and being a reflective learner relate to each other. I also think that is why I prefer to work alone and think about what I have learned. I think my personality test shows that I may have to work on being more emotionally open to people because for teaching I would not want to come across as cold to my students. I think being dependable and responsible are good characteristics for a teacher and liking to use a logical and linear approach would also be helpful for most students. Most of my learning styles were also fairly close to being balanced and not one sided which will make it easy for me to understand students different learning styles and needs.

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