Blog, RSS Feed, or Listserv

The blog I chose to follow for the semester is Faculty Focus. The main reason I wanted to follow this particular blog is because of it’s concentration; higher education teaching strategies. My focus during my LIS education has been academic libraries and at first glance the articles of Faculty Focus looked interesting to me and could be useful both during my education and career.

The blog discusses many topics relevant to higher education. A few topics include academic leadership, technology in the classroom, classroom management, and education technology trends. I believe this blog is intended for college professors as well as those who would like to work in a college classroom. There are many different topics covered, I believe at a lot of LIS professionals who work in academic libraries would find this blog very useful.

There is a new article posted almost everyday, and at the very least every few days. The information is very relevant to classrooms of today and cover a broad range of information. The most current article to the blog is about incorporating active learning into online classes. It appears that a majority of the articles discuss teaching ideas and technology.

The site is available as an RSS feed. You can also sign up to receive a newsletter from the blog. I gave my email address to receive the newsletter and have found it to be informative. I also appreciate the amount of newsletters they send out. They email one every three to four days, enough to keep the reader up to date with overwhelming them or filling up their mailbox.

I look forward to following this blog the rest of the semester and reading the articles that they provide.

Faculty Focus. (2014). Retrieved from


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